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In 2017 the Nathani Family started production at a new green field boxboard paper mill in India; Mehali Papers Private Limited. Mehali Inc procures Recovered Paper (mainly ground wood grades) from the United State of America, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada for the mill. For the grades we buy please check here.

Mehali Inc was established in 2003 and from 2003 to 2012 Mehali Inc. procured Recovered Paper (brown grades) for the Nathani family paper mill Ruby Macons Limited. In 2012 Ruby Macons Limited was acquired by MeadWestvaco (now WestRock). 

Mehali Inc. started selling recovered paper to other mills in India after MeadWestvaco's acquisition of Ruby Macons Limited in 2012. Mehali Inc grew extremely fast and in 2018 and 2019 made it to the JOC's Top 100 exporter list.

In 2020, Canusa Hershman Recycling acquired the India Recovered Paper trading business of Mehali Inc. with the exception of Mehali Inc.'s business with Mehali Papers Private Limited.  Mehali Inc. continues to procure Recovered Paper for Mehali Papers Private Limited.